Entrepreneurship is when Liberal Arts hit the pavement

At the end of 2015, I randomly came across a PBS special that was debating the value of the growing number of entrepreneurship-based learning programs at Liberal Arts Colleges. I learned about the MiddCore program at Middlebury College from this special. MiddCore is a mentor-driven, experiential learning program where students build solutions to real lifeContinue reading “Entrepreneurship is when Liberal Arts hit the pavement”

Growth equity – The base case doesn’t cut it anymore

Yesterday, Pitchbook published a series of charts summarizing the state of private equity in the US. The basic message was how cutthroat the industry is becoming. The key points I picked up from the article are summarized in my somewhat gloomy tweet below: I haven’t delved into the full report, but I’d be interested toContinue reading “Growth equity – The base case doesn’t cut it anymore”

Carpentry, Masonry, and… Private Equity

Private equity is an apprenticeship. As a young practitioner at a start-up, I spend a decent amount of time picking the brains of the many grey-haired executives that have made their mark in the industry. I try to ask variations of the same questions to each investor so I can tally their responses. Below isContinue reading “Carpentry, Masonry, and… Private Equity”